About us


Welcome to the Caudan Arts Centre: a landmark arts and conference venue in Mauritius.
You are now at the hub for music, art, food, dialogue, conferences and events in Mauritius.
The Caudan Arts Centre is located on the beautiful Port-Louis waterfront, and part of Le
Caudan Waterfront. Relax with a delectable meal as you admire the buzzing harbour, stay in
a five or four-star hotel, shop until you drop at our many outlets, watch a movie or catch a music concert, it’s all here.

We aspire to be a space that brings creative and innovative minds together; a platform where people engage with ideas and art, in its diverse forms.

We are setting the stage for a new cultural scene in Mauritius and in the region. As an exciting and vibrant space, we want to provide a new cultural lens through which we see the
world and through which the world sees us.

Our motto: Creativity for All.

We believe in unlocking creative potential and building a creative future. Together.

Our journey to a creative future starts here.

And this is where we start to script our existence.

Come and be a part of our story.

This, after all, is your Arts Centre.

Behind the scenes of Caudan Arts Centre