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4 Seasons: A Modern Interpretation of Vivaldi’s Masterpiece

"This show is a cutting-edge dance school production by Attitude Dance Studio, which reimagines Vivaldi's iconic composition for the modern era. Drawing inspiration from Korea, Mauritius, Argentina, and Sweden, this innovative show blends original poems, dynamic dance movements, and captivating language to bring the essence of each season to life. From the blossoming flowers of spring in Korea to the wildness of winter in Sweden, "4 Seasons" is a visually stunning and emotionally evocative exploration of the changing seasons through the lens of contemporary and classical dance. Get ready to be mesmerized by this unique and exhilarating interpretation of a classical masterpiece."
17, 18 June
Event language: English
Length of event: 1h 25min
Price range: Rs600

Attitude Dance Studio presents “4 Seasons,” a contemporary take on Vivaldi’s timeless masterpiece. This unique adaptation pays homage to Vivaldi’s work while imagining how he would approach it in today’s world. Taking a global approach, the show represents the four seasons in iconic countries that capture their essence in a way that resonates with modern audiences.
Drawing inspiration from Korea, Mauritius, Argentina, and Sweden, each season comes to life through original poems, dance movements, and language. “Spring” captures the spirit of new beginnings with blossoming flowers and vibrant landscapes, while also exploring fleeting moments that create lasting memories. “Summer” evokes the vibrant energy of tropical beaches and warm weather, but also the powerful force of cyclones. “Autumn” reflects the season’s transformation with the cool weather, changing colors of leaves, and passionate tango dance. Finally, “Winter” portrays the stillness, beauty, and wildness of the season through the snow-capped mountains and the presence of wolves.

“4 Seasons” is a mesmerizing fusion of music, dance, and poetry that takes audiences on a breathtaking journey through the emotions and landscapes of each season. It’s a contemporary interpretation of Vivaldi’s masterpiece that will leave audiences captivated and inspired. Don’t miss this innovative and dynamic show that pushes the boundaries of traditional dance performances and brings new life to a classic composition.

Start: 17 June, 2023 @
End: 18 June, 2023 @
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17 Jun
6:00 PM
18 Jun
3:00 PM