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A Doll’s House – an adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s play

"‘A Doll’s House’, Ibsen’s great classic, is revisited by the English Theatre Group of The School. This is the story of Nora Helmer, and her journey of self-discovery and growth. This experimental staging transposes the reality of Nora in different contexts, to show that her experience is one that cuts across geographical and cultural boundaries."
Drama / Theatre / Realistic Theatre / Experimental play
6 December
Event language: English
Length of event: 1h30mins
Price range: Rs400

After their inaugural show in 2022, the First-Timers are back with a bigger challenge: that of taking a classic by Henrik Ibsen, the father of realism, and re-adapting it to express realities and concerns of today. Power politics and sexual politics are at the core of the drama. Nora Helmer’s identity is defined by societal expectations. How she takes this on, developing an identity of her own, makes for a gripping experience. The staging is such that Nora’s reality is seen through multiple lenses to show how prevalent her condition is across different societies. As part of their theatre training, the First-Timers are justifying the very reason of doing theatre: that of taking creative risks on stage.

Audience rating : 13 years old and above

– Preeyambika Bagha
– Sonia Maissin
– Lakshana Bachun
– Juliette Deloustal
– Axelle Chelmiah
– Yousoof Elahee
– Sandra Inca
– Yakshinee Purhooa
– Estelle Lasémillante
– Doris Chellen
– Damien Esther
– Josh Rose
– Darren Veeren
– Ayako Lizumi
– Kenny How
– Juliette Wildman
– Kiran Sungkur
– Veemanda Curpen

Date: 6 December, 2023
Time: 6 December, 2023
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6 Dec
7:30 PM