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Islands of Harmony: A Musical Bridge Across the Seas

"Join us for a transcendent evening at "Islands of Harmony: A Musical Bridge Across the Seas," a concert that celebrates the fusion of British and Mauritian musical excellence. This extraordinary event brings together renowned musicians from different corners of the world, showcasing a breathtaking array of talent and cultural diversity."
Classical Music
6 April
Event language: English
Length of event: 2 hours including 15 mins intermission
Price range: Gold 1200 Silver 1000 Bronze 800

Embark on an enchanting musical voyage with “Islands of Harmony: A Musical Bridge Across the Seas,” a concert that celebrates the fusion of British and Mauritian musical excellence. This special event brings together a blend of renowned musicians from diverse backgrounds, each contributing their unique style and cultural influences to create a night of unforgettable performances.
The concert will traverse a range of emotions and styles, featuring works by Bach, Beethoven, Liszt, Ravel, Debussy, and Gregson. This is not merely a concert; it’s a journey through the rhythmic seas and melodic landscapes that connect these two island cultures. Witness the fusion of classical and contemporary, the blend of individual prowess and collaborative brilliance. This is where music transcends boundaries and where every note tells a story of unity and artistic exploration.
Come and immerse yourself in the beauty of this musical bridge across the seas, and experience a night that resonates with the harmony of diverse cultures and the magic of timeless music.
Programme Highlights:

● Rachmaninov’s Six Pieces for Piano Duet: Murray McLachlan and Kathryn Page will open the evening with this masterpiece. These pieces, known for their romantic intensity and intricate interplay, will showcase the duo’s impeccable synchronicity and musical understanding.
● Beethoven’s Sonata in E op. 109: McLachlan will then take the stage solo to perform this profound and expressive sonata, a piece that exemplifies Beethoven’s late style with its complex structures and deep emotional impact.
● Liszt’s Dante Sonata: Continuing the solo performance, McLachlan will delve into the dramatic and tumultuous world of Liszt’s Dante Sonata, a piece renowned for its technical challenges and its vivid portrayal of the Divine Comedy’s themes.
● Five New Nocturnes by Living Women Composers for Chopin: Kathryn Page will present a contemporary twist on the classical form with these nocturnes. This segment is a tribute to both Chopin’s legacy and the creative voices of women composers in the modern classical music landscape.
● Bach’s Harpsichord Concerto in D minor, BWV 1052: Murray McLachlan, joined by Ensemble 415, will bring to life Bach’s intricate and dynamic concerto. This piece promises to be a highlight, showcasing the blend of the harpsichord with the rich textures of the string ensemble.
● Beethoven’s Choral Fantasia: The concert will culminate with this grand piece, featuring Murray McLachlan, Ensemble 415, and the Island Voices Choir. This work, combining piano, orchestra, and choir, is a fitting finale that encapsulates the spirit of unity and collaboration at the heart of this concert.

Date: 6 April
Time: 6 April
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06 Apr
7:00 PM