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The Last 5 years

"Celebrate love, loss, and the passage of time with 'The Last 5 Years,' a captivating musical journey unlike any other. Join us as we follow the intertwining stories of Cathy and Jamie, told through mesmerizing songs and poignant storytelling. With its unique narrative structure and unforgettable melodies, this musical masterpiece promises an emotional rollercoaster of heartbreak, hope, and self-discovery. "
Musical Drama
5, 6 July
Event language: English
Length of event: 1.5 hours
Price range: VIP : Rs900 – Premiere : Rs700 – Secondes : Rs500

Prepare to be swept away by the spellbinding tale of “The Last 5 Years,” a musical masterpiece that transcends time and tradition. In this innovative production, we invite you to embark on a journey through the highs and lows of love, where the past and present collide in a mesmerizing blend of music and storytelling.
At the heart of “The Last 5 Years” are the intertwined stories of Cathy and Jamie, two individuals navigating the complexities of their relationship over a span of five years. What sets this musical apart is its ingenious narrative structure: while Jamie’s story unfolds chronologically from the moment they meet, Cathy’s journey is presented in reverse, starting from the end of their relationship and moving backward in time.

This overlapping timeline offers a unique perspective on their love story, allowing audiences to witness the evolution of their relationship from both ends of the spectrum. As Jamie joyfully recalls their initial encounters and aspirations for the future, Cathy grapples with the heartache of their inevitable separation and the unraveling of their once-promising romance.
Throughout the musical, the audience is treated to a rich tapestry of emotions as the characters’ paths intersect and diverge, their stories intertwining in unexpected and poignant ways. It’s a testament to the power of love, resilience, and the human spirit, as we are reminded that even in the face of adversity, hope springs eternal.
One of the most striking aspects of “The Last 5 Years” is the musical’s breathtaking score, composed by the renowned Jason Robert Brown. From soulful ballads to toe-tapping melodies, each song serves as a window into the characters’ innermost thoughts and desires, capturing the essence of their journey with breathtaking clarity.
Directed by the visionary Ashish Beesoondial and featuring performers Diane Hardy and Yann Erasmus, who breathe life into the roles of Cathy and Jamie with unparalleled skill and emotion.
Accompanied by an incredible ensemble of live musicians, including Dean Nookadu (piano), Anne Chauveau Dhayan (cello), Kersley Pytambar (double bass), Guy-Noel (violin), Jérémy Félix (viola), and Sharvina Boodhun (guitar), the musical experience of “The Last 5 Years” is elevated to new heights. Each note and melody add depth and resonance to the narrative, transporting audiences into the heart of the story with every chord.

• Ashish Beesoondial – Stage Director
After specializing in theatre-making for his studies, Ashish has acted in and directed a number of stage productions. In his capacity as Theatre Manager of Caudan Arts Centre, he also teaches drama to thespians and theatre enthusiasts, while directing even more productions! His experimental flare has led him to discover different forms of stage performance to engage audiences in different ways.
• Diane Hardy – Singer / Actor / Producer
Diane Hardy, a performer from a musical family, has a passion for singing and acting. She obtained a Musical Theatre and Drama teachers diploma from the Waterfront Theatre School in Cape Town, and awards for excellence from Trinity College of London. After a rich performing career in South Africa, in 2012 she moved to Mauritius and has since worked in various shows and taught drama and Musical Theatre over the island. Diane continues to perform in various productions and work on producing upcoming performing arts projects with her students and notable Mauritian artists.
• Yann Erasmus – Singer / Actor
Yann Erasmus comes from a musical family and has always had a passion for the performing arts. He trained and performed with the Mauritius Opera Choir, and has also appeared on stage in plays and operas such as “The Sound of Music”, “The Merry Widow”, and “Carmen”. Combining his background in events and show production with his love of the arts, Yann is dedicated to helping promote the performing arts in Mauritius.
• Dean Nookadu – Pianist / Musical director
Dean Nookadu, a Mauritius-based pianist, composer, and arranger, offers a comprehensive musical background encompassing classical, contemporary world, and jazz genres. He has a distinguished performance career on both domestic and international stages, collaborating with a roster of renowned international artists.
• Anne Chauveau-Dhayan – Cellist
Anne Chauveau Dhayan, a versatile cellist, boasts an impressive career with acclaimed orchestral engagements and chamber performances worldwide. With a Master of Performance from the Royal College of Music and numerous awards, including first prize in the International Solo competition “Rovere d’Oro,” she continues to captivate audiences globally with her talent and dedication.
• Kersley Pytambar – Double Bass
Kersley Pytambar, a seasoned Bass & Double Bass player, brings over 30 years of experience in jazz bands and classical ensembles worldwide. He’s performed, recorded, and collaborated in various music festivals locally and internationally. With a Diploma of ABRSM in Double Bass performance, he also excels in teaching

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5 Jul
7:30 PM
6 Jul
7:30 PM