About the artist

Born in Mauritius in 1994, Raoul Kheshav Rampare is a young yet experienced portrait photographer and videographer. The title of his first solo exhibition, Kalopsia, which means “the illusion of things being more beautiful than they actually are,” conveys the artist’s vision: that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


Raoul’s fascination with Art started at a young age. Around the age of 10, he started painting, which he pursued until the age of 16. Putting his passion for Art aside, as his school years ended, he focused on sciences, and applied for veterinary studies. Indeed, Raoul felt as though he needed to focus on finding a career, as being an Artist was not yet considered to be a serious and viable profession.


Although he had stopped painting, another practice intrigued Raoul: Photography. The gift of his first camera, allowed him to start experimenting. Initially using himself as a subject, he conceptualizes ideas, experiments with different angles and backgrounds, and eventually begins to photograph the people around him. Behind each image, he attempts to communicate a particular concept and message.


In each and every of his pictures, Raoul’s offbeat personality transpires through his use of colour. Indeed, colour is his way of highlighting the beauty of the singularity of his subjects, as well as setting his art apart from that of others.


Be it bad luck or providence, Raoul is rejected from veterinary studies, which propels him to focus on his art, finally allowing him to get his first contract as a photographer for a local band. Later introduced to videography, he works as an assistant videographer. He tries his hand at Marketing around the same time, but realizes that it is not his cup of tea.


As from 2019, he decides to start working on his own, and specialises as a videographer. With the support of his friends and family, especially his mother, Raoul is able to make a living out of this new endeavour.


Soon, his artistic identity sets his work apart, and he is solicited for a number of video projects. He then considers photography more than a hobby, as most of his professional projects are geared essentially towards filming and video editing.


One thing leading to another, Raoul’s creations are increasingly recognised, and various artists and local entities solicit his craftmanship. Throughout his career, he crosses paths with PICAR, Babani Soundsystem, Ribongia, Annega, Deana De Marigny, Emilien Jubeau and Axel Mansoor, with whom he collaborates.


Since 2019, Raoul’s work has been nominated and awarded by the Arte Laguna Prize, Victoria Urban Terminal, Swan for its Moris Dime campaign, Nou le Morne, Unravel, Arty April Expo, Skydive Mauritius, the MTPA, the LUX* Resorts hotel group, and Rite de Passage, and now, by the AbsaPhotography Award.


His development as an artist has been motivated and encouraged by various inspirations, such as his surroundings, the environment and the world around him, his travels, but above all by his own experiences.


“Kalopsia. Enn ilizion ki bann kitsoz paret pli zoli ki zot ete.

Enn ilizion se souvan enn persepsion ki fos. Kalopsia, pou partaz bann portre ki transmet ki sakenn ena so prop realite.

Sak zistwar li inik, li intim ek li apartenir a dimounn ki partaz li. Sak mesaz ki li propaze apartenir a dimounn ki partaz li.

Sak persepsion apartenir a dimounn ki partaz li parey kouma sak dimounn existe selon so prop lavi, so bann pro lexperians ek selon so prop volonte.


Kalopsia, se enn mesaz ki partaz lasazes,  la tolerans ek lakseptasion parski bote enn zafer depann lor enn persepsion, ki apartenir a sak individi. Parski nou diferan me nou resanble.

Vinn dekouver Kalopsia, enn ilizion ki bann kitsoz parfwa bien pli zoli ki nou krwar.”


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