Compo 2

Baba Gaia

Drawing on paper
30 x 30 cm



About Baba Gaia

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With the influence of traditions of detail embedded in my artistic practice, I create variations of artworks, designs and animations, coaxing the viewer to gaze at the refined, exquisite pieces.

At a first glance, my work appears subdued. But a closer look reveals a complex creative process. 

 I am attentive to arrangement and figurative motifs. I try to master my technique, which testifies to the quality of my work and reminds you of the importance of balancing colour in an harmonious result.

Though my designs, the viewer is called to engage in unique sensory experiences as I weaves my way through paper, pens, markers, crayon and now digitally.

I now choose to step away from my usual practice of filling the page with intricate designs. What I produces is raw, unprocessed and closer to reality. My artistic process however, remains as usual: spontaneous, guided solely by Nature and my instinct.

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