Le bedford bleu

Siddick Nuckcheddy

Pastel on paper
65 x 50 cm


About Siddick Nuckcheddy

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Most of his works bear a trace of home-grown roots and Mauricien nostalgia. As a Mauritian pastel paint artist, Siddick has achieved membership in numerous and exclusive artistic circles, including l’Art du Paster in France, the Pastel Society of Eastern Canada, the Pastel Society of Spain, and the Pastel Society of Taiwan. His works have reached other shores, forming part of private collections in the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Croatia, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai and more. In 2012, Siddick received Honourable Mention as Master Pastelliste from l’Art du Pastel in France – where he was also Guest of Honour for that year’s event, and from the Pastel Society of Estern Canada.

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