Covid 19 Update: All events at the Caudan Arts Centre have been postponed or cancelled due to the progression of the virus. Read our Communique here.

Nous voulions remercier tous ceux qui sont en premiere ligne face à cette épidemie. ❤🙏 Le Caudan Arts Centre s’associe avec ces artistes qui nous offrent cette version de La Rivière Tanier… 🙌

👏 Merci à Yogish Rammaya, Samuel Dubois, Kurwin Castel, Rachel Magon, Alex Margéot, Kooshal Dwarka, Véronique Zuël, Manisha Babbea-Dwarka, Béatrice Maunick, Sebastien Margéot, Anouchka Massoudy, Ryan Balloo 👏

Stay safe, we will make it through!

We had to postpone our much anticipated magic show. Here’s a little word (and trick) from Nick Britt coming to us from Australia.

The Caudan Arts Centre production team came up with the idea of making a music video by Mauritian artists.