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November 15, 2019 - November 17, 2019
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The Gobi Desert frontier is boundless and indistinct.
A general, who strong and vigorous, with long armour and a strong bow, looked back into the distance, her eyes are full of endless yearn under her iron coat. 


<I> People from the countryside where it is surrounded by beautiful landscape and natural sound. Men till the farm and women weave the machine. They enjoy the living style of working from dawn to dusk. Hua Mulan, a bright and lovely girl, enjoys the warmth and peace from her homeland with her beloved family.

Accompanying by hoarse ‘step , military orders come from the border. Male adults in each family are responsible to the call from the emperor, Khan. They need to defend their country on the battlefield. In front of the military announcement, looking at her elderly father, her younger brother and her worried mother, Hua Mulan resolutely and determinedly puts up a male bun and changes into a man’s suit, sling the bow and arrow on her back, she decides to join the army and to fight against the enemies for the sake of her father.

<II> In the military camp, Li Shuo, the General is training the new recruit. In the daytime, Hua Mulan with slight of figure is hard to keep up with the intensity of harsh training; In the nighttime, men’s breath pervades the military accounts, the lonely Hua Mulan tosses and turns restlessly, another sleepless night. Along with the moonlight, Hua Mulan silently misses her family and hometown.

Wipe away the girl’s tears and hideaway the daughter’s romance. Never give up and never being discouraged. The strong Hua Mulan draws long bow to practice the skill of fighting on the battlefield. Under the guidance of General Li Shuo, she becomes an excellent archer in the army.

<III> The sword is shining, the army horse is roaring. The enemy leader takes a sudden onslaught on the army. The battle drum is shaking, the whistling arrow is flying, General Li Shuo is leading the soldiers to ambush the enemy. He rides the fore-horse, to summon up all soldiers ‘s courage and energy fighting in the battle. In this fierce fighting, General Li Shuo is surrounded by numerous enemies. To catch bandits,  to catch the ringleader first. At such critical moment, Hua Mulan uses her arrow to shot down the enemy chief. He falls from horse. A troop without a leader is just like a host of dragons without a head. Suddenly , the leaderless enemy is utterly routed and flee in confusion.  The horn of victory reverberates in the mountains of Gobi, Hua Mulan becomes famous as a archer and wins a great reputation in frontier.



<I> During the years in frontier, Hua Mulan has experienced countless fights to the death. She has no companions but silence and loneliness. Hua Mulan has grown up from a soldier to the General. Hua Mulan, makes illustrious military exploit. As Autumn comes after Spring goes, snowflakes falls after green disappears, the General Li Shuo and Hua Mulan lead the soldiers to guard the frontier year by year. The Wild goose flying toward south arouses the homesickness of Hua Mulan. The two generals also establish a deep ties of comradeship.  

<II> Before dawn, Mulan suddenly encounters the attack of bows and arrows on patrol. When healing by doctor, it suddenly turns out that Hua Mulan actually is a women. The General Li Shuo is very surprised to see Hua Mulan as a woman. They look at each other astonishingly , thousands and thousands of words can only stay in silence. The decisive battle horn is blowing, and the military orders are imperative and cannot be disobeyed like a mountain. Looking at The General Li’s leaving figure viewed from behind with soldiers , Hua Mulan feels sad and lonely. 

<Ⅲ> A decisive battle happens between two armies. General Li Shuo and the enemy chieftain are engaged in fierce battle.

Like a bolt of lightning piercing the sky, The general Hua Mulan crosses the battle horse and rushes into the enemy’s position with her longbow, fight against the enemy with her battle companion. 

In the fierce battle, the enemy chieftain are aimed at Hua Mulan and shot a sharp arrow. At the critical moment of life and death, The General Li Shuo blocks the enemy’s arrows with his body. Then he grits his teeth and pulls out the enemy’s arrows and hands it over to Hua Mulan. She successfully hit the enemy chieftain with the red arrow that was dyed with Li Shuo’s blood…..

<Ⅳ> The triumphant soldiers are rewarded by the emperor.  After the baptism of life and death in the frontier, Hua Mulan misses her families in her hometown and yearns for a peaceful pastoral life. She refuses the official position and returns to her original life. 



In front of the cottage, Hua Mulan reunites with her family. Beside the loom, she takes off the army uniform and wear back the woman’s dress. The blooming magnolia flowers accompanies with the melody of looms. Hua Mulan, thousands of thoughts, infinite feelings, stretches, stretches…

The thoughts of Hua Mulan become the flowers of Magnolia.

Start: November 15, 2019 @ 7:00 pm
End: November 17, 2019 @ 9:00 pm
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