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Stephanie Bosch

"For one night only - The Caudan Arts Centre presents a world renowned artist and expert in north Indian classical flute."
Indian Classical Flute
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Event language: n/a
Length of event: 1h30
Price range: Rs 250 - 500

Krishna’s flute

The concert will take the audience into a deep journey within. Starting with traditional Indian classical style with beautiful evening Ragas. The music will open with Alap & Jor, followed by Gat melody in different rhythmic cycles with tabla accompaniment by a Mauritian tabla player.
Towards the lighter end of the concert the music will be mixed with other Mauritian artists.
The ragas will be announced traditionally during the concert.
Staying 1 month in Mauritius Stephanie Bosch feels inspired by the thrilling beauty of the island. The amazing nature and birds, the ever-so friendly people here and the tasty food lead to a wonderful peaceful feeling. And finally the climate and the humidity makes the deep flute sound as most sweet as ever.

Stephanie Bosch is one of the close and most learned disciples of the legendary indian flutist Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia. She absolved an intensive training under his tutelage and is following the tradition of her Guru since now 20 years and became an accomplished flutist.

Following the old Guru-Shishya tradition she accompanied her Guru in various places. As a bansuri solo-artist Stephanie Bosch has played at prestigious places in Germany and the WDR Radio. She performed at the opening festival of the new Elbphilharmonic in Hamburg both solo and in Jugalbandhi with Sarangi virtuoso Pandit Dhruba Ghosh. She has toured in the Netherlands, UK, in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. As one of the first 3 non-Indian musicians she was invited in 2011 to India to play with Yogesh Samsi on tabla at the prestigious Indian Television music show „Idea Jalsa -Music for the soul“.

Originally a recorder and transverse flutist, she is a versatile flautist in balance between cultures.

In addition to pure Indian classical concerts she is open to musical experimental and intercultural projects as well which show that music is the language which is connecting people. By meeting other musicians and experimenting in Jugalbandis and other projects she is creating new music styles, but always without sacrificing the essence of Indian classical music and always maintaining the purity, sweetness and beauty of the flute as it is the duty of being a disciple of Hariprasad Chaurasia.

Date: January 24
Time: 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
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24 Jan
7:30 PM