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Yogi Tamby – Transcendence

"Yogi Tamby is performing his second Handpan Concert in Mauritius"
Fusion music
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Event language: N/a
Length of event: 1h30
Price range: Rs 400 - 700

Yogi Tamby is performing his second Handpan Concert in Mauritius. The handpan is a hand crafted instrument that produces mystical sounds, mesmerising and yet transcending. His Handpans have been custom made from Europe to produce deeply meditative notes. He will be accompanied by instruments like the Guitar, Tabla, Bansuri flute, Sitar and Trumpet, making the concert a remarkable Fusion of beautiful sounds.

Yogi Tamby is a Natural Philosopher with several decades of experience in Yoga & Meditation. As opposed to common Yoga practices, Yogi teaches the Dravidian origin of Yoga, called Yogam. One limb of this discipline encompasses a fine understanding of the link between the human mind and music. As such, Yogi has an exhaustive knowledge in contemplative music as he aspires to uplift his audience to a contemplative state. He explores uncommon instruments which are indeed elevating in Nature and have a positive impact over the mind. Yogi latest instrument, the Handpan, is one such instrument.

As strong as the mind can be, it can also be vulnerable to diseases like depression, anxiety, psychosomatic and the list goes on. But every time you hit a note on the Handpan, it can positively influence a specific section in your mind. These custom –made Handpans of Yogi contains 7 metals which generate strong frequencies. When played, these frequencies can re-calibrate, attune and sooth a troubled mind. Each vibe which the Handpan emanates, it creates a nuances of vibes around you which explains the sense of well-being after a session of Handpan.

Introducing the Handpan to Mauritius has raised the level of musicotherapy as it is beyond all other traditional instruments.

Date: April 20, 2019
Time: 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
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20 April
7:30 PM